It is our duty to rely on our experience, to always learn, and to serve all our customers professionally.

Mustafa Kemal KIRNAK

Founder and President

Atlas International Nakliyat Proje Taşımacılığı Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret Ltd. Şti, which was established in Istanbul / Kadıkoy with customer trust and support arising from years of experience and accumulation, continues to serve with the sensitivity of "Your Company's Transporter" in the logistics sector with its experience.
Atlas Proje, which aims at a time, cost, and service quality by gathering all the needs of companies under a single roof in terms of the purpose of its establishment, knows no limits at the point of service in both complete ship works and sea-land-air-railway standard and non-standard transportation with its partner shipowners. Starting from the transportation of the smallest microchip, it safely transports the desired cargoes with the fastest and most suitable alternative solutions at high quality but affordable costs.
Atlas Project, which aims to transport companies' standard shipments as well as non-standard shipments, does everything necessary to ensure that all your shipments are transported professionally, on time and at low costs with combined transportation systems.
Lider olmanın tek şartının müşteri memnuniyetinden geçtiğini bilmekte ve bu konuda sürekli gelişim kaydetmektedir. Gelişime her zaman açık olan Atlas Proje daima müşterilerimizin menfaati doğrultusunda kaliteli, hızlı ve düşük maliyet politikası ile çalışır.
As Atlas Proje, it is our biggest debt to our customers to always work with the best and safest companies, this debt has enabled us to become Atlas International Transportation Project Transportation. Atlas Project is always loyal to the fact that "we would rather lose our money than lose the trust of our customers".
The project is calculated to the finest details and then an agreement is made. In case of unwanted and unavoidable negative situations, another alternative is always considered for our customers and customer victimization is prevented by our company by activating the other alternative as soon as possible.