Atlas Proje offers the most suitable transportation alternatives to its customers by making time and cost calculations in line with the demands and expectations of its customers.

It provides transportation services such as truck & plane, plane & ship, ship & plane, ship & plane, truck & rail & ship by combining different services. Atlas Proje provides TIR & aircraft combined transportation services for America and Canada via European countries, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania, Bulgaria and Romania, and also provides transit from highways to ports and from ports to highways.

Atlas Proje offers the most suitable transportation alternatives to its customers by making time and cost calculations in line with the demands and expectations of its customers.

Different services are combined to provide transportation services such as truck & plane, plane & ship, ship & plane, truck & rail & ship. European countries, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Bulgaria, and Romania via America and

As Atlas International Transport Project Transportation, Atlas International Transport carries out smooth, fast, and safe road transportation for import and export in line with the agreements made with the world's leading agencies. Atlas Proje, which provides services in all of Europe, especially Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, England, Austria, France, Greece and Poland, Asia, and the entire Middle East, picks up your cargo from wherever you want and delivers it to the address of your choice with weekly direct and connecting flights.

Atlas Project Transportation, which provides services at the most affordable costs and quality by taking all the responsibility of our customers in the ongoing Middle East Project transportation, will continue to work with the mission of your company's transporter in your project transportation.

With our strong supply chain from Turkey to Israel, Canada, and America directly, and from all over the world via Barcelona, mainly Spain, Italy, and America, we offer alternative transportation services with port and door delivery, FCL and LCL transportation as well as truck + ship, plane + ship or train + ship.

Atlas Proje, which carries out railway transportation to/from the Balkans, Central Europe and the Middle East (Syria, Iran, Iraq), picks up your products from wherever you want and delivers them to the address of your choice in accordance with predetermined transportation times. Within the scope of railway transportation, which is preferred due to its safety, suitability for heavy cargo transportation, fixed transit time and not being affected by weather conditions, Atlas Proje carries out customs clearance and logistics services consultancy as well as customs clearance and logistics services consultancy in addition to the transportation of project loads, fair transportation and HEAVY LOAD transportation, where all customs transportation and handling operations of the products are completed.

With its experienced staff in the field of ship chartering and brokerage, it strives to provide the best service worldwide. We are in close contact with well-known Turkish and foreign companies in our customer family, on the basis of contractual or expeditionary transportation, we realize ship connections for open and bulk cargo in all ports of the world, especially in the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Russian and Continent ports. Our open cargo voyages continue for our customers whose shipments to many Middle Eastern countries, especially Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. As ATLASPROJE, we safely carry your shipments at more attractive freight rates by renting ships to the countries they want by combining the part cargo loads of the companies.

We offer the most suitable solutions for your shipments that require open cargo transportation on the basis of Low-Bed trailer, Flat rack / open-top container, and ship chartering for the shipment of all kinds of cargo that cannot be shipped in Container and Normal Truck standards, requiring special equipment by road and sea.

Sürekli olarak kendini geliştiren Atlas Proje, müşteri ihtiyacına yönelik hizmet vermeyi kendine ilke edinmiş bir firmadır ve bu nedenle kendi bünyesinde çağdaş ve kapsamlı bir sigorta hizmetini de müşterilerine sunar.

Atlas Proje, which makes a difference in the sector with this service, has not only ensured that the customer load is insured; It has also offered a reliable and pioneering insurance organization to the service of the sector with fast and complete damage payment.

With its experienced staff and strong agency network, ATLAS PROJE offers its customers the transportation of your cargoes from all major ports of the world, whether the container is fully filled or not, with a strong service. Thanks to the special contracts and advantages made with many Line, it offers special prices to its customers. Transit container transportation through Turkey (Turkmenistan, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, etc. sends the goods coming from countries to the world by transit operations through Turkey)

In terms of safety, it ensures that all kinds of part loads are loaded intact, undamaged, and complete under the supervision of Atlas project staff. Carries your loads from door to door when necessary.

"Partial / Complete road / sea / air import / export service to all Middle Eastern countries and Complete Truck and Weekly road partial export service to Dubai Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Iran; Our DUBAI PROJECT CARGO STILL CONTINUES "Our continuous road and charter plane project transportation to war zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq continues"

"Our complete / partial IMPORT and EXPORT services to all Europe, Russia, CIS countries, Turkic Republics by sea, rail and road"

«Uzakdoğu ve Amerika gibi denizaşırı ülkelere Komple / Parsiyel denizyolu ihracat sevkiyatları ve bu bölgelerden denizyolu ile Komple / Parsiyel ithalat servisi»

"Multimodal" optional transportation service to every point of the world with our foreign agency network and import transportation from every point of the world with the same system, including customs clearance services"

"Domestic-foreign transportation organization with our low-bed and sal body vehicles"

Atlas Proje consisting number of companies and representative offices in Turkey, UK, UAE and IRAN established in 2003 and lately opened its office in Middle east on 2014 in UAE, Ajman.

Atlas Proje is an international trading company providing resources and energy supplies as well as expert consultancy services in relation to supply-chain management services. We are small enough to care yet big enough to cope.

We also act as business consultants in the management of product movement for a diverse range of goods throughout the Europe, Asia and Africa. Whether its petroleum products or mining resources we can assist end users and traders to access to the most reliable and trusted supply of resources. The services we offer include strategic sourcing, supplier management, Supply Chain Rationalization and transportation operations
management. We can also review, plan and assist the processes of your business as well as offering consultancy in relation to a diverse range of products.

With our long lasting experience in the business of Petroleum and Mining resources and our strong networking position which has been developed through strategic sources from EU and the Middle East, we can offer you the opportunity to join our ever expanding international portfolio.

Crude Oil and Condonsate:

ATLAS and its international allies have a highly reputable portfolio of number of trades and Supply Chain Rationalization of Crude oil and gas condonsate from Middle east and African suppliers.

We can assist in procurement of following of feedstock materials:

  1. Light Crude Oil
  2. heavy Crude Oil
  3. Gas Condonsate

We can provide and assist to procure from major suppliers in Africa( e.g. Nigeria), Europe (Russia) and Middle East and South America (OPEC).

Petroleum By Products:

By products have been majority of trades in ATLAS GROUP and therefore, ATLAS has become a highly regarded brand in the middle east market for such products. We have number of allocations and contract with medium size and private refineries in the Mideast and East Asia to supply the product. Any preferencesandany specification is required, can be produced through our own network of refineries and manufacturer across the region.

  • Diesel, D2, Gasoil, MGO
  • Fuel Oil, HSFO, LSFO, M100, M80, Cst180, Cst280, Cst380
  • LPG, any combination of Propane and Butane
  • Bitumen, 60-70,80-100, 85-100, 220
  • Gasoline, RON 82-98
  • Naphtha
  • Petrochemical Products:

ATLAS has also have relatively good background in supply and trade of petrochemical products:

  • Polymers: PP, PE, PS, PVC, PET
    Aromatics: Toluene, Para Xylene, Ortho-Xylene, Benzene
    Chemicals: Methanol, DEG, MEG, LAB, HAB, Crystal Melamine, Acetic Acid, Epoxy Resins, Soda Ash, TDI,Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Hypochlorite, Perchlorine, Chlorine, TEG, Sodium Carbonate, Light & Heavy, Nitric Acid, Nitrogen, MTBE,
  • VCM, Hexane, Argone.
    Fertilizers: Prilled / Granulated Urea, Crushed Lump /Granular Sulphur, Ammonium
  • Carbonate, DAP, Ammonium Nitrate, Ammonia Solution, Hydrogen, Anhydrous
  • Liquid Ammonia


ATLAS has a defendable portfolio in supply of the number of metal commodities in Middle East, East Asia and Europe. Whether its Ore or by products (e.g ingots, concentrate,.) we progressively have broadened to encompass a wide range of metallurgical and chemical raw materials, by-products, non-ferrous scraps, residues and wastes for downstream use, reclamation and recycling.

Dealing in metals trading namely non-ferrous metals like zinc, copper and aluminium and scrap metals, we are prominent Exporter, Supplier, and Importer of Zinc Ingots, Lead Ingots, Copper Ingots, and Aluminum Ingots. We have been in this business since 2010 and over the years we have carved a niche as one of the most prominent traders in this field. We supply ferrous & non ferrous metal to many prestigious clients situated all over the globe and if you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy company to assist you with your needs, look no further. We carefully research, acquire and ship products and materials to clients all over the world including Europe, Middle-East and the Asia region. We work with lots of reputable companies worldwide and have established a good relationship with clients. The credit for our success in this field goes to our team of highly spirited and skilled staff, which has gained loads of experience in their respective fields. We are a reputable company which has its wings stretched into many other profitable businesses like electronic.